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About Us

With clients’ demands for representation in Greenville, SC, Barkley Reserve was founded in October of 2020! Partnering with a client-broker that boasts over 20 years of experience, we have the pleasure of representing leading telecommunications clients, helping their market share grow! We believe the services we provide clientele are irreplaceable, as our sales team connects with potential customers in-person, improving customer relations, brand awareness, and acquisitions. How exactly do we exceed expectations for our clients? We operate in a fun, team-oriented atmosphere while promoting from within.

Here at Barkley Reserve, we place a high emphasis on the development of our team members’ verbal and non-verbal skillsets from capturing the customer’s attention, having a quick, direct pitch, and closing sales with integrity. We create a strong foundation by only promoting from within, and starting EVERY team member, regardless of experience, at an entry-level position. By prioritizing proper training, we guarantee growth for all of our people. With projections of expanding into two new markets in 2021, everything we do is with growth in mind!

Barkley Reserve is incredibly proud that we have taken on the responsibility of hiring, training, and developing our team. This alone shows the branding of ourselves as more than a sales team, but instead as a leadership development firm. To learn more about our company, please visit our website at!

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