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Preparing for Fall

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Preparing for Fall with Barkley Reserve

We know what you are thinking. Why are we talking about fall when it’s still reaching over one-hundred degrees some days? Our excuse – time moves quickly, and cooler temperatures will be here sooner rather than later. Realistically, fall is our favorite season here at Barkley Reserve, and we can not help but talk about it! Living in Greenville is a dream, and the way they celebrate these upcoming months are never anything short of amazing. Today, we are hoping to help you get into pumpkin spice season as much as us by sharing a few activities happening in the area that will be fun for you and your family! 

Our first fall activity will have you doing all things fall when you visit Chattooga Belle Farm in South Creek! Nestled below the Blue Ridge Mountains lies this gorgeous farm and orchard where you can not only pick apples, grapes, peaches, and more, but also play disc golf or visit their distillery. There will be plenty to do, so be sure to bring out your family and friends and rent a cabin! 

Are you ready for our next event? Great because we are heading to Denver Downs to find the great pumpkin! See if you will find a pumpkin big enough to please Charlie Brown when you visit this pumpkin patch in Anderson. Their offerings don’t stop at the pumpkins either. Here, you can zip line, jump on a big pillow, get lost in the corn maze, and hang out with some cute farm animals. Will you be joining us for this event full of cute animals, pumpkins, and fun? We hope so! 

The last event that we want to clue you in on is the euphoria Food Festival. What is that you ask? It is a weekend of music, food, and drinks for you to enjoy in the heart of Greenville! The event has something for everyone as you listen, eat and sip! Check out their different featured classes and events to choose one that fills your cup! 

Are you as ready as we are for the temperatures to drop and for the pumpkins to start sprouting in their patches? The fall season this year is going to be full of fun, football, and frights, so don’t miss out! Our team here at Barkley Reserve have our game faces on and are ready to attend every festival, orchard, and farm. Hopefully, you will be joining us. If you can’t, no worries. We are very active on Instagram and will be posting updates after each event. Follow us – @BarkleyReserve! Enjoy these last few days of summer because fall is just around the corner. 


Leading From The Front – Introducing, Meredith Herring

At Barkley Reserve, we are committed to working with self-driven, future-focused, and team-oriented individuals. Our recruiting team is looking for more than someone with experience when meeting with candidates. We’re interested in people who are excited to learn and eager to be the best. This past June, we had the privilege of meeting someone who checks all of these boxes. From hello, it was clear that Account Manager, Meredith Herring is bound for greatness. At just twenty-three years old, she has such clarity on what she wants for her future and is taking no prisoners on her journey to success. To say that we were excited to welcome her aboard would be an understatement, and so far, she has exceeded all of our expectations.

We recently sat down with Meredith for a quick Q&A session to discover more about her goals and the professional path she is paving for herself. If you are just kicking off your career or are interested in learning more about an individual currently thriving in our Management Training Program, read on!

Meredith, thanks for chatting with us! To start, please share what drew you to our company.

“The opportunity for growth. I have always seen myself in a management position but never knew where to start. This company offers that opportunity in less time than I have come across at any other company.”

You’ve thrived so far, and we are confident that you’ll be moving up quickly. What’s your favorite thing about working here at Barkley Reserve?

“The freedom it offers to really take the reins on my career and develop as fast as I am capable of/want to.”

Our country is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic. How has this impacted your career?

“I have learned to become very versatile and to focus on the day’s challenges rather than be consumed with anxiety/worry for the future.”

Would you recommend this career style to young leaders?

“Absolutely! This career is a lot of front-loading at the beginning, leading to a lot of freedom down the road.”

As you can see, Meredith is focused and determined to achieve her goals. Even at a young age, she had her sights set high. From wanting to be a cosmetologist and an artist as a kid to graduating from high school and attending college while working, there was never a time where she wasn’t preparing herself for a great future. When asked about her life after graduation when she was going to college full-time and working at Starbucks, she said that it was during this period where she developed critical skills such as self-discipline, time management, the importance of having a strong work ethic, and multitasking. Are you surprised that she’s excelling within our walls? We’re not.

Meredith, let’s dive into your skill sets and career growth. What do you believe is your greatest skill?


Straight to the point, and we couldn’t agree more! You have been doing an excellent job interviewing, training, and leading others in our office these past few months. When meeting with candidates, what values are you looking for?

“Someone who values hard work, respects those around them, and takes responsibility.”

As someone excelling as a leader in our office, do you feel like you are more team-oriented or independently motivated?

“I am a highly motivated person in general, but I also work great in a team setting.”

What is your leadership style?

“ I strive to lead by example. First, setting the tone and then, upholding standards for my trainees to follow.”

Leaders often have to coach their team members. Personally, how do you respond to criticism?

“I try to take time to reflect on the criticism given to me and find ways to grow from there. If, after reflecting, I find something I disagree with, I’ll set up a time to discuss the criticism given further.”

What advice would you give someone hoping to start a career?

“Take on the challenge and get outside of your comfort zone. Allow yourself to be consumed with stress short-term, knowing that’s what leads to personal growth. Write out a list of non-negotiables in a career and be open to new experiences you never thought you’d be interested in.”

Let’s chat about your goals. What are you working to achieve short-term and long-term?

“Short-term goals are to continue interviewing and hiring qualified people to join my team and to continue to enhance my skills in sales. Long-term would be to run a successful sales company—eventually being promoted to a consultant position.”

Meredith is the perfect example of someone who leads from the front. Not only is she building a strong team of individuals and growing her sales career, but she is also a full-time student working on finishing her degree. Noted as her greatest accomplishment to date, it is one of the many reasons we admire her. Meredith inspires us every day to have zero regrets and to let our results speak for us.

“Everything successful you achieve in life comes after experiencing moments of doubt along the way.”

Are you ready to jumpstart your career at Barkley Reserve? Great! Email your resume to today.

Q&A With Brooke Davis, Barkley Reserve’s HR Administrator

Brooke Davis is a twenty-five-year-old leader in the industry, taking steps towards a six-figure career and inching her way towards those “thirty under thirty” lists. Here at Barkley Reserve, Davis works to build an incredible team teach day as our Human Resources Administrator. All of that said, she would be the first to tell you that this success came out of left field. We sat down with Brooke to discuss that and more, and we are thrilled to introduce her to the world. World, meet Brooke Davis, business’s next big thing.

Was business always the goal?

“If you would have asked me ten years ago what my career would be, I would have never guessed it would be what I am doing today. In college, I studied communication and learned that I enjoyed providing opportunity, working with others and solving problems. That was when I realized HR and Recruiting would be a good fit for my talents and interests. If I’m honest, my dream job as a kid was to be a runway model. Let’s just say, I’m happier this way.”

Tell us more about that college experience.

“Right after high school, I attended the University of South Carolina – Aiken. As a student, I also maintained a job at Publix, was involved and held positions in a sorority, studied abroad in France, and more. My college experience taught me a lot and really shaped me into who I am today. I learned my strong suits and what I struggle with. I learned how important effective communication is. I learned it’s important to surround yourself with good people. And of course, I had a lot of fun! I had many opportunities in college that pushed me out of my comfort zone and that is something I will always value from my experience at USCA.”

What would you say is your greatest asset, aside from your stellar communication skills?

“The most important thing I bring to work is a good attitude. A good attitude matters, and it shapes how you work. Furthermore, I bring good work ethic. I work each day to the best of my ability. One thing I pride myself on is my ability to listen to others. I’ve found that people want to feel heard. They want to feel that their goals and aspirations are heard and can be achieved. They don’t want to be a number. I always strive to listen and take action when needed.”

How has your career grown since joining the team?

“My career has grown a lot since I started working at Barkley Reserve. The company focuses not just on job development, but personal development as well. I learned a lot about myself in my career and what I am capable of. The most challenging thing I have found in my career is rejection. It’s something that many people fear, and I think rejection hindered me in the beginning stages of my career. My mom always taught me growing up that ‘no means next.’ Once I started applying that motto to my everyday life, changes started happening in my work for the better.”

What do you love about recruiting, and about life for that matter?

“I am passionate about providing opportunity for others. I am excited to be a part of helping people achieve their career goals. I am also passionate about traveling and seeing the world. Immersing myself in different cultures and continuing to learn new things. I think continuing education is so important- reading new books, taking a new class, or learning a new workout.”

What is your favorite thing about the business?

“My favorite thing about this business is the endless opportunity and the great people I am surrounded by. There is so much opportunity to move up within the company. Hard work truly pays off in this business. Plus, the people here are dedicated to their success. I think being surrounded by people who have incredible work ethic enhances mine as well. They push me to be my best every day. The people in this business aren’t just my co-workers, I really enjoy working with them every day.”

What advice would you give to those who hope to emulate your success?

“Persevere and have a student mentality. You will face rejection at some point in life- keep going. Keep working to the best of your ability, and do not give up on what you want for life. Furthermore, be willing to learn new information and do not be afraid to ask questions. Lastly, make time for yourself outside of work and do what you enjoy!”

What important lesson did someone in your life teach you?

“Failure is a part of growth. My dad taught me that early on in life. I know it’s cliché, but it’s so true in my experience. I have gained so much from things I have not succeeded on. If I get a result that I did not anticipate, I always reflect on what I could have done better and what I will do going forward.”

As for success, the natural extrovert sees that as an ever evolving thing in life. Through financial freedom and completion of personal goals, anyone can find success. That said, the line should keep moving forward. Never get complacent. That’s something that Brooke Davis understands implicitly. She understands that half effort yields half the results and preaches that how you do anything is how you do everything. It’s easy to see why the Barkley Reserve team values this leader so much. We look forward to many more years working alongside her, and know that her future couldn’t be brighter.

Meet Team Lead, Connor Blevins!

Barkley Reserve is home to many inspiring leaders and driven entrepreneurs, and one of those leaders is Connor Blevins. Blevins joined the Barkley Reserve team in October of this year and has worked hard since day one. As we prepare for a new, better year, we are leaning on our incredible team members who have pulled us through this one. We could tell you all the reasons we love Connor Blevins, or we could let you see for yourself. 

Give us your elevator pitch. 

“I am from a small town in Southeast Arkansas called Gillett. It’s the duck and rice capital of the world and shaped me into who I am today. I’m twenty-four-years-old, and while I don’t yet have a family of my own, I am an uncle! I have eight amazing nieces and nephews. When I was younger, I dreamt of playing in the MLB, but now I’m working in sales and loving it.”

Did you play baseball as a kid?

“Yes, as a young boy, I played on a travel baseball team and was very driven to be the best. I’ve always been competitive. As I grew up, I continued to play baseball but also added in basketball. I think that playing team sports made me into someone who knows how to look out for myself while also looking out for others.”

What are you passionate about, aside from sports?

“I am passionate about creating and strengthening relationships with people. I love getting to know people, learning their stories, and how I can help them.”

What natural disadvantages has life thrown your way?

“Growing up, my parents got divorced when I was very young. My dad left our family and was in and out for the next few years before ultimately leaving for good. Having outside men who my family got to pick and choose to influence me left a mark. Their strong morals and values molded me into someone who cares about others and always sees the best in other people. I find myself going out of my way to see the bigger picture and not focus on what is right in front of me.”

What is your favorite thing about working in the business industry? 

“Networking. It’s always great to meet like-minded people from different backgrounds. I also love the opportunity in front of me. I am motivated by that opportunity for growth, and there’s nothing really like this out there.”

What important lesson did someone in your life teach you?

“It’s not about who you know; it’s about who knows you.”

In the next five years, you might see Connor Blevins as a leading entrepreneur at Barkley Reserve, or you might find him running his own duck hunting lodge- either way, he will be a smashing success. His advice for future leaders? “Always have a down-for-whatever attitude, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.” 

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be one of the more difficult tasks life will hand you, but Connor Blevins proves that the risk yields significant rewards. 

Positivity & Self-Ownership

By Cory Young

Leaving a reliable 9-5 job and risking a steady, bi-weekly paycheck to live out a dream and pursue a different lifestyle can be terrifying. However, there is no reason to fear, aspiring entrepreneur!

All successful entrepreneurs understand a few simple principles that enable them to achieve their goals, including how positivity and taking ownership and accountability for your attitude, actions, and outcomes play a significant role in your success.

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